From Councillor Yvonne Fernandes
From Councillor Yvonne Fernandes

Hello Neighbours,

Throughout the summer some of you may have seen the yellow flex posts located on Doon Village Rd., Thomas Slee Dr. and Robert Ferrie Dr.

These posts are part of our new traffic calming program where by councillors are given four flex posts, plus the speed advisory boards, and can decide where in the ward they would be located.

Based on complaints and safety issues, Doon Village Rd. was chosen for two flex stakes from April until October along with an advisory board, which will be moved to other locations throughout the season.

Although these are not permanent measures, they are intended to disrupt drivers enough to force them to slow down. There have been concerns that drivers will swerve to the right to give way to the stakes and endanger pedestrians or cyclists. I have cycled through the area on Doon Village Rd. and have not had that feeling of discomfort. I believe that a variety of traffic calming measures will help us as a community deal with some, but not all of the speeding on our streets.

As many of you are aware, the Doon Pioneer Park Community Center has been closed since March. During the tender process it was found to be $1.1 million over what was budgeted.

Through some skillful negotiating by staff and a few minor changes in the building, we were able to bring down this difference enough to appeal to Council to support the difference. At the writing of this newsletter, I am hopeful that a majority of Council will support this so that the construction can start as soon as possible.

Hopefully we will have a brand new community center opening sometime in 2019, along with the new sports fields at Pioneer and Homer Watson and the brand new Pioneer Park Plaza.

Exciting times for Ward 4.



Councillor Yvonne Fernandes―Ward 4

Love My Hood: Kitchener’s Neighbourhood Strategy
Love My Hood: Kitchener’s Neighbourhood Strategy

Kitchener’s neighbourhood strategy will help people connect and work together to do great things in their neighbourhoods.

Visit lovemyhood for more information about the Strategy

Community Dining

Come and join us at Community Dinning.  Enjoy a three course lunchtime meal and an activity following.  It is offered by Community Support Connections Meals on Wheels and More.  It is open to seniors and adults with disabilities and runs every second and forth Tuesday of each month 11:30 am-1:30 pm.  The cost per individual is $8.50 and is located at the Doon Pioneer Park Community Centre – 150 Pioneer Drive, Kitchener.  Please contact Jennifer at 519-772-8787 ext. 240 or Christine at ext. 244.  Transportation may be available.

Just 4 Girls

This is a FREE 8-week program for girls ages 10-12 on Thursdays from 4:30 – 6:00 pm.  We will play fun games and chat about all things girl-related! We will talk about things like your changing body, friendships and relationships!  Snacks are provided.

Kitchener’s Designated Heritage Property Grant Program

Residents of the Upper Doon Heritage Conservation District may be eligible to participate in the City of Kitchener’s Designated Heritage Property Grant Program. Applications due Friday, March 31, 2017 – Grants provide 50% of the cost, up to a maximum of $3,000, for eligible projects such as: the repair of deteriorated original elements (e.g., doors, windows, masonry); the replacement of original elements that are beyond repair using materials, sizes and details that match the original; and, replication of original elements that have been lost based on documentary evidence. Guidelines and application form available on the City’s website – Or contact Sandra Parks, Heritage Planner at 519-741-2200, ext. 7839, or

Outreach Worker Program

Do you need help finding resources for you and your family?  We Can Help!  Our goal is to assist children and families to access services they need within their own neighbourhood.  Support available includes: Food when you run short, Counselling referral, Recreation fees, Transportation.  For assistance please call your Outreach Worker to schedule a time for you at Doon Pioneer Park Community Centre Tuesday 9:00 am-4:00 pm (519)742-8327 ext 252