From Councillor Christine Michaud

From Councillor Christine Michaud

Hello Ward 4!

I hope everyone had an excellent, safe and happy summer. It certainly flew by.

We’ve certainly had our share of disruption and dust over the past couple of years. Between continued developments in Doon South, construction at Pioneer Park Plaza, to the Homer Watson improvement project – it has been a real test of patience. But! The bright spot this past summer was the official opening of Upper Canada Park. It was amazing to see so much activity there.

This park is a fantastic amenity for Ward 4 and the broader community. It’s designed for beginner and elite baseball – not to mention the spectacular playground and basketball court! Plans to have the skate park installed this fall have been pushed back as the cost was significantly more than anticipated when it was tendered. I will be supporting this project during the 2020 budget process through a transfer of funds from the Gas Tax, and I’m hoping the majority of council agrees to include the skate park in the 2020 budget for implementation.

Traffic calming measures were undertaken in several neighbourhoods this summer, and seemed to work well. Sadly, we will still get those who continue to ignore the delineators and the speed limit. But, thank you to all those who do pay attention and continue to keep our streets safe.

At the time of writing this, our Community Centre is on track for a fall opening. I’m looking forward to celebrating with you on Opening Day. Contact me with your concerns at 226-752-9541 or email me at

Councillor Christine Michaud, Ward 4