A Word from Ward 4 Councillor Yvonne Fernandes

Over the last number of years the region has been reviewing the transportation along Homer Watson Blvd. As a member of the steering committee I have been attending a number of meetings with the consultant and with regional staff. I am pleased that we have been looking at a variety of options instead of just widening the road to 6 lanes.

A number of residents attended the open house for the expansion of Homer Watson Blvd. at the Regional Museum on Thursday Sept. 15. The work that has been done to date includes analysis of traffic and forecasts up to and beyond 2027 covering detailed topographical maps, natural and heritage assessments, bridge conditions and pedestrian crossings.

This analysis reveals operational concerns with three of the four intersections along Homer Watson at Manitou Dr., Pioneer Dr. and Doon South Dr., likely making these first to be considered for improvements. Additionally, transit, pedestrian, and cycling improvements are being considered with the possibility of adding future pedestrian/cycling trails and bridges.

Improvements to transit are definitely needed for this area and it has been noted specifically that new and improved service to the Doon South area, increased service to Pioneer Park, Brigadoon and Conestoga College are also required.

The next steps in this process will require a review of the comments from the public meeting, selection of the preferred alternatives, recommendations to Regional Council in early 2017, detailed design and utility relocation in 2017 and possible tendering and construction in 2018. At this point no consideration is given for expanding to three lanes. The focus will be on intersection and transit improvements, with better pedestrian, cycling trails and crossings.

I also heard many comments from residents living along Farrier Dr. and Farrier Pl. who have great concerns about the noise along this stretch. I understand that a noise study has been done and a public meeting for residents living on Farrier Dr. and Pl. will be held in the future.

If you wish to view the report about improvements to Homer Watson Blvd., visit www.region.waterloo.on.ca and look for the tab “Homer Watson Boulevard Improvements.” You can also send in your comments/concerns to Justin Armstrong at juarmstrong@regionofwaterloo.ca; 519-575-4757 ext 3164 or Peter Lejcar at lejcarp@ae.ca; 226-214-3187.


Yvonne Fernandes

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Residents of the Upper Doon Heritage Conservation District may be eligible to participate in the City of Kitchener’s Designated Heritage Property Grant Program. Applications due Friday, March 31, 2017 – Grants provide 50% of the cost, up to a maximum of $3,000, for eligible projects such as: the repair of deteriorated original elements (e.g., doors, windows, masonry); the replacement of original elements that are beyond repair using materials, sizes and details that match the original; and, replication of original elements that have been lost based on documentary evidence. Guidelines and application form available on the City’s website – www.kitchener.ca/HeritageFunding. Or contact Sandra Parks, Heritage Planner at 519-741-2200, ext. 7839, or sandra.parks@kitchener.ca.

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